01/05/2012 | Tag : 3D ViewStation V11 ActiveX integration hyperlinks linked information visual enterprise visual navigation 3D-Viewer

visual navigation

According to your role in your enterprise we give you exactly that information „at-your-fingertips“, which you required. Don’t loose time any more by copying & pasting a string into a new search mask. We ensure access to always current  and accurate information by prodving hyperlinks – so it’s just one click away.
The movies show a few sample scenarios: metadata, linked 2D-document, linked 3D-model, linked information via SAP access. English video here.

12/15/2011 | Tag : 3D ViewStation V10 surfaces extract export split 3D-Viewer

3D ViewStation V10: how to extract surfaces?

We just have been asked, how to extract the surfaces of a part and export them. Startingpoint is the assembly and we will use the split function to do most of the job. Have a look at the video.