02/26/2021 | Tag : 3DViewStation Desktop VR Release

3DViewStation v2021.0 Release

We have released 3DViewStation version v2021.0 with a series of enhancements, described below. Please also review our recent BLOG preview entries for details. The new 3DViewStation Desktop & VR-Edition versions are available for download . WebViewer version and VisShare will follow soon...

Import 3D:

  • 3MF
  • Solidworks 2021

Import 2D:

  • Solid Edge 2021
  • UG NX: NX 1938, NX 1942, NX 1946

Export 2D:

  • export all views incl. preview images to PDF

Functions & Features:

  • visualization: support for textures
    • supported file formats:
    • import: OBJ, FBX, GLB/GLTF, DAE, U3D, 3DVS, 3MF
    • export: 3DS, 3DVS
  • draft angle analysis: new option to show undercuts
  • section:
    • filled by geometry color
    • new method:
      create section plane perpendicular to selected edge
      section plane orientation follows contour of the edge
  • measurement: calculate minimum distance between several selections of solids
  • measurements using points: snapping of end or center of lines or edges
  • PMI: select all PMI attached to the selected geometry
  • BOM:
    • Extend BOM table by attributes
    • generate callout ID by attribute
  • assign attributes to markups
  • create intersection point of 2 edges
  • Offset lines can now remember transformation path
  • position camera perpendicular to surface
  • show current mouse coordinate in the status bar
  • VR only:
    • 2 new fly modes
    • improved teleport marker
    • reposition camera in fix steps
  • WebViewer only: share session between several users

More at https://viewer.kisters.de/help/productfamily/en/3dvs_versioninfo_intro.php

12/22/2018 | Tag : VR integration plm-integration Siemens

New video: virtual inspection using our VR-Edition

Our partner Piterion provided this video, showing how a virtual inspection could look like, when using VR technology. They integrated 3DViewStation VR-Edition with Siemens ActiveWorkspace and drive it via voice recognition. Great job! Have look:

12/19/2017 | Tag : VR api XML-API

3DViewStation VR-Edition 2017.1 Release

We released our new 3DViewStation VR-Edition. It has been made available for download here.  Enhancements include

File formats:

  • Catia V5_6 R2017
  • Creo 4.0
  • Inventor 2018
  • Parasolid v30
  • Acis 2017.1 (R27)
  • FBX


  • VR-API - ideal for integrations with any leading system, like i.e. PLM
  • several performance related improvements - we are getting significantly faster again:
    • multi-core sectioning
    • multi-core rendering
    • faster compression
    • support for instancing, import & export
    • smaller files
    • own memory management

12/01/2017 | Tag : VR PLM plm-integration plm-viewer

Video: Integration 3DViewStation VR-Edition with Siemens TeamCenter

05/03/2017 | Tag : Virtual Reality visual navigation VR schnitt section

3DViewStation VR-Edition Release Video

A demo of our 3DViewStation VR-Edition release:

04/26/2017 | Tag : VR

3DViewStation VR-Edition released

We released our new 3DViewStation VR-Edition. It has been made available for download.
Using our 3DViewStation VR-Edition

  • you can experience 3D models immersivly,
  • you can move yourself inside a model for inspection
  • you can "beam" youself to a new position
  • parts can be selected
  • parts can be hidden
  • parts can be moved
  • sections can be performed

10/18/2016 | Tag : Virtual Reality VR

Video 3DViewStation VR-Edition

A short video providing impressions of ongoing R&D related to our 3DViewStation VR-Edition.

10/17/2016 | Tag : VR Virtual Reality

VR-Edition of Kisters 3DViewStation

Right now we also work on a VR edition of our 3DViewStation. As VR solution (virtual reality) we connect  to the HTC-Vive, later Microsoft's Hololens will follow as AR / MR solution (Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality).