3DViewStation v2022.7 Release

We released 3DViewStation version v2022.7 with the enhancements described below. The new 3DViewStation versions are available for download .

IMPORTANT: This release contains security updates. We recommend updating to this version as soon as possible.

Import 2D:

  • NX 2206 

Export 2D:

  • WMF (raster) 

Functions & Features:

  • New: Transform: three points to three points 
  • New: Copy/Paste in 2D scenes 
  • New: Load structure only, then reload all nodes automatically
  • New: Setup option to generate extensive support information for critical cases (default: on)
  • Improved: speed of VSXML import
  • Improved: Activation licensing improved

More at https://viewer.kisters.de/help/productfamily/en/3dvs_versioninfo_intro.php


Video: News of 3DViewStation V2022.1 up to V2022.6

a quick video showing mainly light related news of 3DViewStation V2022.1 up to V2022.6.

News Video 3DViewStation v2022.1 to v2022.6


3DViewStation v2022.6 Release

We released 3DViewStation version v2022.6 with the enhancements described below. The new 3DViewStation versions are available for download .

Import 3D:

  • STEP, IFC and Creo Import: choose codepage to display node names correctly 

Functions & Features:

  • Rework of node movements in structure tree
  • Structure tree: CSV Export
  • Structure tree: horizontal scrollbar
  • Option to turn material rendering off
  • Animated focus (includes translation, rotation and ghosting)
  • TIFF 8bpp import

More at https://viewer.kisters.de/help/productfamily/en/3dvs_versioninfo_intro.php


DWG / DXF: 2D and 3D reading

DWG and DXF data are mainly 2D data, means drawings, but they can also contain 3D objects.
Until now, 3DViewStation has always displayed the 2D content only. From now on both 2D and 3D content can be displayed.

If you load with "2D preferred" the file will be treated as a document by 3DViewStation:

  • in case of a real drawing it will be displayed as usual in 2D
  • in case of a pure 3D model it will be mapped to 2D. This was our previous behavior without 3D-DWG / 3D-DXF support.

If you load with "3D preferred" a 3D scene will be created:

  • a 3D model is loaded in 3D mode and rendered as expected
  • a 2D drawing is placed in 3D space. You can now load 3D geometries and place them on the 2D plan. 


Attributes with categories

In the Properties window, 3DViewStation can display, among other things, attributes that have been stored on the respective objects. These are usually metadata such as the name of the editor, the version, the last date of revision, a material or also an ERP number. These attributes were previously displayed in a list. 
Now, when the number of attributes is very large, sometimes one wants to create categories under which some of the attributes are grouped together. The display for such attributes has been extended accordingly in 3DViewStation.


3DViewStation v2022.5 Release

We released 3DViewStation version v2022.5 with the enhancements described below. The new 3DViewStation versions are available for download .

Import 3D:

  • AutoCAD DWG/DX
  • Creo 9
  • Inventor 2023
  • Parasolid 34.1
  • NX 2206

Export 3D:

  • XML-API: Convert VSXML to STEP AP214 CC6 (STEP with references) 

Functions & Features:

    This allows KAS to use our complete XML API 
  • Structured, multi-level attributes:
    First level of attribute names shown as subcategories - rather than concatenated and separated by slash
  • Improve 3DVS and VSXML import performance
  • Option to replace the 3D model with a screenshot when exporting using a 3D-PDF template

More at https://viewer.kisters.de/help/productfamily/en/3dvs_versioninfo_intro.php


3DViewStation v2022.4 Release

We released 3DViewStation version v2022.4 with the enhancements described below. The new 3DViewStation versions are available for download .

Import 3D:

  • Catia V5-6R2022 (R32)

Import 2D:

  • Creo 9.0
  • NX 2019, 2027

Functions & Features:

  • WebViewer: Server health tests added
  • WebViewer: Server blocks incoming requests on high load 
  • 3D-PDF Export: Option to replace 3D model with screenshot in templated PDF 
  • TechDoc/BOM: Option to generate ID with only attribute value 
  • API: Compare two 3D models per URL parameter with BestFit computation for auto alignment

More at https://viewer.kisters.de/help/productfamily/en/3dvs_versioninfo_intro.php


List of attachments of a PDF file

A PDF document might have one or several files attached to it. An attachment can e.g. be another PDF file or a CAD model like a JT file. Similar to Acrobat Reader the latest Kisters 3dviewStation now allows to show a list of attachments, incl. additional information like number of pages and creation or last modification date. In case an attached PDF might have another attachment itself, the list will display a hierarchy.
The user can now decide if he wishes to display a certain attachment. By right-clicking it will be opened into the same or new scene. And there is an option to save it to your local disc.



3DViewStation v2022.3 Release

We released 3DViewStation version v2022.3 with the enhancements described below. The new 3DViewStation versions are available for download .

Import 3D:

  • Autodesk Navisworks 2012 - 2022
  • Autodesk Revit 2022
  • JT 10.6

Functions & Features:

  • New: Best fit: Automatically align Solid to Solid, e.g. a 3D scan to a native CAD model or 2 CAD models, see also here.
  • New: measure point to point on curve, see also here.
  • Enhanced: Transform: circle center to point
  • New: up to 7 light sources can be used now
  • PDF: show a list of attached files and allow to display them

More at https://viewer.kisters.de/help/productfamily/en/3dvs_versioninfo_intro.php


2D Drawings layer support

3DViewStation is getting more and more enhancements for 2D. As part of the v2022.2 release we added the ability to activate and deactivate layers of a 2D drawing, similar  to what we know from 2D CAD packages. Find some impressions below.