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Visualization is key for collaboration and interoperability in the manufacturing industry

In the manufacturing industry, collaboration between companies is crucial throughout the product lifecycle. CAD models serve as a common language and information source for various business processes. Visualization technologies play a key role in meeting these needs, offering a wide range of functions that promote independence, cost-effectiveness, and faster task completion. However, the requirements of large and small companies differ significantly. While some may benefit from integrated solutions like Desktop or Browser/Cloud-based PLM, ERP, or standalone Desktop solutions, others may prefer access to the file system. Collaboration methods vary, from Redline & Markup capabilities to translation into popular neutral file formats. The Kisters 3DViewStation product family effectively addresses these diverse needs for collaboration and interoperability.

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Success Story - Inalfa Roof Systems

Inalfa Roof Systems relies on intuitive 3D CAD visualization, achieving flexibility and cost savings

Quality, based on technical excellence, comfort, and enhancing the mobility experience in vehicles, is at the core of Inalfa Roof Systems’ values. Founded in the Netherlands, the company’s visions serve as both a promise and a commitment. With factories and development centers in Europe, North America and Asia, Inalfa is renowned for its innovative roof systems installed in the automotive and truck industries. The KISTERS 3DViewStation plays a crucial role in various aspects of their operations.

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Success Story - Yanfeng

Revolutionary on all levels - When vehicles become the new living space and the KISTERS 3DViewStation is introduced

As digitalization progresses, the vehicle is transforming into the new living space. Global megatrends such as autonomous driving, connectivity, e-mobility and shared mobility are radically reshaping the industry. The trend is moving from driving to “being driven”. Yanfeng Automotive Interiors (YFAI) is the world’s leading supplier of automotive interiors. Headquartered in Shanghai, the company boasts approximately 110 production facilities and technical centers across 20 countries, employing over 33,000 people worldwide. It is crucial that partners like KISTERS, with their 3DViewStation at their side, think equally innovatively and goal-oriented.

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Success Story - Pester Pac Automtion

The value of 3D visualization as part of the human-machine interface (HMI)

Pester pac automation GmbH is an internationally operating family business for customers in the field of packaging technology and is today one of the world‘s leading system providers for end-of-line packaging solutions. For over 45 years, trends have been set in end-of-line packaging and automation for the pharmaceutical and consumer goods industries in a 60/40 ratio.

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