CADViewer and 3D CAD viewer online - CAD visualization for every CAD file

The 3DViewStation is your universal CADViewer and also your CAD Viewer online

Kisters has decades of experience in processing CAD files - without having to use a CAD license. The viewer should be able to process any file format that the user can get. These can be popular file formats created by Autodesk products. E.g. 2D drawings as DWG and DXF that come from AutoCAD, but also Inventor files. In the high-end CAD area, these are Catia files, mostly from Catia V5 or Catia V6, in addition to NX and Creo. Many model files are also exchanged neutrally. For this purpose, the STEP, STP or STPZ file format has become very well established worldwide. Overall, the Kisters 3DViewStation supports over 60 native and neutral file formats.

You receive a different CAD file every day - what to do?

The classic use of the Kisters 3DViewStation is as a MultiCAD Viewer for viewing files that are available as 3D Solid or 2D Drawings. The installation of the 3DViewStation desktop version is carried out on a local desktop PC. But there is still the 3DViewStation WebViewer version. This is installed on a server and used by the user via a browser, without any installation, without plug-in, etc. on his end device as a CAD visualization online tool. Regardless of which product variant you are working with, you never have to worry again whether you will be able to view a CAD file. Even if this should have several views, the Cadviewer will display and analyze them without any problems.

Use CAD visualization

Many customers still like to use CAD systems for CAD visualization. Because only these could really display the CAD file correctly. But on the one hand, this is not necessarily true: You would have to use exactly the same release and service pack of the CAD system and, moreover, the same configuration. On the other hand, it is common for CAD assemblies, for example, to reference sub-assemblies or individual parts, i.e. to save them as separate files. These may well be on other network drives that the recipient of these files cannot access at all. In addition, especially with 2D drawings, it can happen that fonts, i.e. fonts, are used which the recipient may not have and which are not included in the CAD drawing.

Today's viewers have to do a lot

These problems are the same for users of CAD licenses and CAD viewers. However, a Cadviewer is usually much faster in terms of loading time and much easier to use. We like to talk about CAD visualization to express that we can not only view CAD files, but also provide many other functions. Most users would like to be able to only view, zoom pan, measure and print a DWG or DXF file, for example. Some find comparisons important or the possibility of adding annotations. The 3DViewStation is not a pure DWG viewer, but also loads Catpart and Catproduct files from Catia, prt files from Siemens NX and Solid Edge or asm and prt data from Creo Parametrics. These can also be imported into a common scene and placed either relatively or absolutely in the world.

3D CAD Viewer now!

Why hesitate for a long time? Talk to us today and let us explain the advantages of CAD Viewer to you online by phone or via WebMeeting and also on site at your location or at trade fairs and user conferences in Germany, Europe, the USA and Asia including Japan. Or downlooad a test version for your desktop PC yourself and try out the Kisters 3DviewStation with your own data. But you can also test the 3DViewStation WebViewer version at any time - online of course. You only need to register once and can then view and analyze public examples as well as upload your own CAD or Office data. For this purpose, we have provided that you can determine whether these CAD files should be publicly viewable or whether you want to upload them to a private area.

30 years of CAD viewer experience

Whether as an Enterprise Viewer, a 3D Viewer, 2D Viewer or CAD Viewer online operation - we have the right solution for you. For over 30 years we have been offering viewer solutions for the manufacturing industry, initially viewers for industry standards and standardized formats such as TIFF, CALS, JPEG, then also for the up-and-coming Autodesk products with DWG, DXF, DWF and PDF. Then the 3D time began. With Autodesk with Mechanical and Inventor, but with the high-end CAD systems with view Catia, Siemens NX / formerly. UGS) and Creo (formerly Pro / Engineer). But the turnaround went slowly and even today there is a co-existence of 3D and 2D CAD with many assemblies with up to millions of solids, models and 2D drawings. For a short time, JAVA-based solutions were requested, but today they have all been replaced by browser-based HTML5 solutions without any installation - the days of CAD viewers online on PCs, tablets and smartphones. Since long CAD viewing tools have become an important part of more complex applications such as PLM systems. There they took on many tasks for which CAD systems or expensive high-end DMU (digital mockup) systems were used in the past. You can find it without creators update just as easily as a 3D graphics engine in product configurators and after sales solutions such as spare parts catalogs or authoring systems for creating maintenance and repair instructions.

CAD online as an alternative to desktops

Many areas of application of viewers such as the Kisters 3DViewStation are local installation on desktops. These are ideal for power users who need the software every day. For example, sales staff who receive a wide variety of CAD files by mail or download link and who, among other things, have to prepare offers for the production of a part. For this purpose, the CAD data is loaded, viewed, measured, volumes are calculated, sections are made if necessary, views with comments are created and much more. Other colleagues meet with their business partners and, for example, have to load their tool design with the latest component geometries ad hoc on site. These are widespread use cases for Cadviewer on desktop PCs such as notebooks.

CAD viewer online or CAD online?

Often, however, it is not necessary and may even be a hindrance to work with CAD files that have to be downloaded. In a very early offer phase, for example, it can be completely sufficient to store the data on my internal, central 3DViewStation WebViewer server and only give the business partner online access to this data. We avoid long download times, especially with very large amounts of data. We ensure that the latest versions of the files are always used. You can also protect the know-how well because no geometries are streamed down to the end device. And finally, the end user himself does not need any license or software installation to view and edit. For those who make the CAD files available online, it is also possible to track whether and when the recipient has viewed this data. The effort here is much less than trying to work with CAD online.