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BIM & construction, project management web portal or offline: the 3DViewStation has everything you need for quick and powerful visualization

Over the past few decades, the BIM and construction industry has transitioned away from 2D to 3D. In the past, it was sufficient to carry around a set of 2D drawings. Today, it might be a challenge to get a local copy of all 3D models. These days, a cloud-based project management tool that gives access to all related data and geometries is preferred. In order to accomplish reviews and approvals, any level user should be able to use a powerful and integrated visualization tool rather than uploading and downloading the data. The KISTERS 3DViewStation product family provides powerful BIM and construction visualization solutions for desktop, mobile, browsers and VR

As a basis, 3DViewStation reads all important file formats used in BIM and construction, such as: Revit, IFC, GLTF, CPIXML but also older 2D data formats such as AutoCADDWG, DXF, and even PDF or TIFF, if it must be scanned drawings. Attributes or linked metadata can also be used (this can come from separate files or a data management system). Kisters gives users the option to perform checks, approvals or comparisons with documents or 3D models. Measure, cut or perform collision investigations on desktops or mobile devices, in browsers and even in VR. The VR-Edition is additionally used to immerse yourself and experience a construction project in real size.

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The Kisters 3DViewStation WebViewer version is the product of choice for modern cloud-based online project management solutions. No geometries whatsoever are transferred to the end device, which makes the solution extremely fast. In addition, it scales well and you can protect your intellectual property. The integration can be done in a very short time with just a few lines of code, using our powerful, high-level APIs. Since all our products share almost identical APIs, you can also integrate our VR and desktop version for offline use or for power users. There are integrators who control the VR edition via speech recognition instead of using the menu and can therefore attach annotations to the 3D model or store them in the leading application.

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