Technical Documentation Authoring

Re-using 3D CAD Models for shopfloor, MRO, after sales, spare parts

  • 3DViewStation reads 3D CAD data from various sources, like Catia, NX, Creo, Inventor, SolidWorks, SolidEdge, STEP, JT, 3D-PDF... 
  • 3DViewStation allows manipulation of even complex 3D CAD data, to show / hide objects, change color & transparency, move & rotate objects, mirror objects, explode assemblies, create offset lines
  • add annotations, add fixed texts, import 3D help geometries / symbols
  • 3DViewStation has various options for i.e. frame styles, lines styles, end types, colors, fonts 
  • create BOM (bill of material) from assembly loaded
  • manually or auto-generate callout IDs
  • generate callouts manually or automatically
  • position or re-arrange positions of callout manually or automatically (top, bottom, closest...), even during rotation of a model
  • 3DViewStation allows to organize your content as views
  • play views animated
  • export views to 2D file or copy to clipboard
  • export as 3D
  • 3DViewStation can be used as authoring tool as well as to disply the assest created
  • Combined mix of products possible: i.e. use Desktop version as athoring tool, use WebViewer version to display results, or vice versa
  • 3DViewStation can be used on Desktop PCs, Office Notebooks, Tablet-PCs, SmartPhones and in VR environments
  • 3DViewStation can be used stand alone or integrated with MRO / SLM / after sales / service / spare part applications

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