Automotive and Aerospace Industries

The 3DViewStation sets the standard as 3D CAD viewer, used by suppliers and OEMs, for single parts and large assemblies

CAD data is a key component of product design and supports a wide range of downstream tasks in the process chain of both the automotive and aerospace industries. These tasks can include: measurements, generation of technical publications, and work instructions. For these tasks, a CAD system is not required, if you have the right tool. 3DViewStation is a powerful multi-CAD viewer designed around customer needs, for these exact scenarios. Small suppliers, mid-sized component manufacturers and also large OEMs (i.e. car, truck and aircraft or helicopter manufacturers), use the 3DViewStation to quickly and reliably load native 3D CAD data from Catia, Creo/ProEngineer, NX, Solidworks, JT and STEP. They are then able to examine it and prepare it for subsequent processes. Load it ad hoc with the latest data from business partners in on-site meetings or use it to sift through and discuss change requests.

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Most of the time our customers only seek a fast load time, the ability to dimension, section and possibly calculate volume or surface.  However, there are times when more demanding investigations need to take place. Some of these demands may require a tool that allows for: projected area, wall thickness analysis, the determination of demolding directions, demolding bevels and, of course, the geometric comparison of versions and variants. All of these tasks can be accomplished with the 3DViewStation. For large assemblies, our customers enjoy and use the option to convert data into the internal 3DVS file format; this allows for a vehicle or aircraft to load, fully in mere seconds. Depending on their needs, our customers make use of the platform's freedom of choice: in the majority of cases, the classic 3DViewStation Desktop Version is used, for occasional and mobile users, the 3DViewStation WebViewer is the product of choice (sometimes combined with VisShare), and for certain use cases, we have seen an increase in use of the 3DViewStation VR Edition. Some customers also have a mix of product variants, depending on the application and user profile. Companies of all sizes operate the 3DViewStation integrated with their leading systems. Some examples of this and a sampling of our customers include:

  • a truck manufacturer, with a product configurator in the cloud
  • a helicopter manufacturer with a PLM system that includes configuration management
  • a few hundred employees of large toolmakers with their MES system
  • a relatively small plastic injection molding company with a home-made, all-in-one system, from contact management to quotation and generation to production

If business partners are granted access to 3D CAD data, via the 3DViewStation WebViewer, VisShare or direct data exchange, the geometries are often reduced or alienated for the purpose of intellectual property protection with the help of the 3DViewStation.

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