Replacing CAD licenses by powerful Visualization

Do your job faster and cheaper!

Is it worth thinking about replacing CAD licenses by CAD viewers? The problem is, that today many companies still use expensive CAD licenses outside the construction department, from quotation calculation and documentation to QA and marketing. For all users without any CAD background, this means time-consuming training in a complex software, high purchase plus maintenance costs, and occupied CAD licenses during its usage. An intelligent viewer solution can take over all these department-specific tasks easily, cost-effectively and is as fully adept as the CAD system.

Leverage 3DViewStation to replace CAD licenses: 

  • 3DViewStation is a 3D CAD viewer with 180+ features & functions for more than just viewing. It also allows to perform measurements, sections, comparison, volume calculation, change of color and transparency.
  • 3DViewStation also offers more advanced Digital Mockup (DMU) functions like clash, split, draft angle, wall thickness, band analysis. Besides that, also use 3DViewStation as authoring tool to create views in order to prepare a review meeting. Or easily create exploded views incl. balloons for technical documentation, after sales or spare part applications.
  • 3DViewStation supports PMIs, and which allows to create own markups and then export them as PMIs  in STEP
  • 3DViewStation allows to create your own Mockups by loading and importing CAD data from various sources into the same scene. This is true Multi 3D CAD viewing!

3DViewStation benefits:

  • 3DViewStation is an extremly fast 3D CAD viewer: Load a 300 MB native Catia assembly in a few seconds, or in just 1 second as 3DVS file. We save your time.
  • 3DViewStation is affordable - saving your money.
  • 3DViewStation is easy to use - no training required.
  • 3DViewStation can be used as true MultiCAD viewer on Desktop PCs, Office Notebooks, Tablet-PCs, SmartPhones and in VR environments
  • 3DViewStation can be used as 3D CAD viewer and 2D CAD Viewer either stand alone or integrated with any leading system

Here is a link to a customer story covering this topic.

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