MBD / PMI Visualization

Drawingless processes made easy

  • Kisters 3DViewStation helps you with your MBD (model based design) initiative: replace 2D drawings by 3D models (3D Master concept)
  • Re-use your CAD data with all your processes
  • PMI support for Catia, NX, Creo, JT, STEP...
  • 3DViewStation can be used visualizing 3D annotated CAD models on Desktop PCs, Office Notebooks, Tablet-PCs, SmartPhones and in VR environments
  • 3DViewStation allows to view existing PMIs  / PMI views / pre-defined annotations, sections and more
  • 3DViewStation allows to create own markups and views, transform them into PMIs,and save them as JT or STEP AP242 file.
  • 3DViewStation  offers 180+ features & functions for more than just viewing. measurements, sections and compare, volume calculation, change of color and transparency.