Plant Construction and Petrochemical Industries

The 3DViewStation helps with large assemblies and distributed project teams

In plant construction and the petrochemical (oil & gas) industry, employees deal with gigantic amounts of data. The only way to get a grip on these massive amounts of data is to deal with it intelligently. For this purpose, we offer our batch tool (KAS) which has the option to automatically convert all of your original data into our loadable, lightweight and extremely fast 3DVS format. This is usually done "fully shattered" (part by part, file by file) and immediately after the change in the CAD system, so that the conversion effort remains low. The 3DViewStation WebViewer is particularly suitable for visualization of these extremely large assemblies. With the WebViewer, you can create a central cache, ideally on your file system or a file server so that the WebViewer server can access needed data very quickly. If a user wants to load an assembly (which can be comprised of up to 200 million components), it is simply loaded on the server - this is the fastest of all methods. 3D data is never transferred to the end device, so there is no need to worry about download times, memory or performance of the graphics card - these resources simply have to be stored centrally on the server. Despite the complexity, you are able to navigate very quickly through millions of parts, isolate interesting areas - spatially, filter by name, attributes or colors and organize them into views. The 3DViewStation WebViewer provides the same advanced analysis functions as the desktop version – you can even perform collision investigations with it.

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A unique selling point of our 3DViewStation VR Edition is that it can handle millions of parts. This is due to the fact that it shares the same graphics core as the desktop and WebViewer version, i.e. it is not based on a gaming engine, as is the case with most other solutions on the market. 3DViewStation VR-Edition allows you to inspect extremely large models (like complete oil rigs) and in the VR session, many of the advanced analysis functions of the Desktop and WebViewer version are available. The VR edition also has APIs that can be used for integration into PLM systems and also for voice control.

It is not unusual for plant construction and petrochemical companies to cooperate in projects with outside parties. Flexible solutions are often lacking with ways in which an individual can quickly and easily bring people and data together. Here, Kisters closes a gap with VisShare. VisShare runs in its own network, on its own servers or in the cloud - the customer can decide. Working with VisShare is efficient: just create a project, assign users, add data via drag and drop, and online collaboration can begin - it couldn't be easier.

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