Visualization for Quality Assurance

Use the 3DViewStation as a graphic component of your quality assurance application

Most quality assurance applications collect loads of additional data related to the product at hand. Many of them have a spatial reference (i.e. belonging to a certain place in a given structure). With 3DViewStation you can visualize measurement results directly on the CAD geometry. For this purpose you can position and align different 3D symbols in the room via the programming interface. You can also scale the size and color of the symbols to clearly highlight results or deviations. Instead of sorting and analyzing lists of measured values, the user can quickly get a visual impression and evaluate the result faster and with much more ease. The visualization can be integrated into the application itself as well as into reports.

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... for users

  • Very fast and clear visual impression
  • Spatial representation of the results
  • Further use of the original geometry possible
  • Can be used on any device and also mobile (with Web application)
  • Simple operation

... for developers

  • Rapid implementation of an integration
  • Few lines of programming code required, as no SDK
  • Same integration for application and report
  • Working with own 3D symbols possible
  • Only minor adjustments necessary when switching between desktop and web / mobile integrations
  • Competent consulting team helps with all integration questions

... for decision makers

  • Supplementary 3D graphics for QA results is a competitive advantage
  • Largely CAD independent solution
  • Low maintenance effort as only one product / one integration for application and reports
  • No training necessary
  • Cost control: Even the simplest end devices can be used (for Web applications)
  • Cost control: Concurrent licensing models available