Dassault PLM integrations with 3DViewStation

Take advantage of advanced 3D CAD viewing, analysis and digital mockup (DMU) with Dassault PLM systems

Those who use 3DViewStation integrated with 3DExperience or SmarTeam, provide their users with a future-proof visualization solution to load and analyze CAD data quickly. With the visualization aspect added in, users are therefore able to make decisions faster and more reliably. 3DViewStation is not only fast, it also offers the same functionality that PLM users need at all stages of the product lifecycle - and it is easy to use.

Advantages for users

  • Fast viewing for Catia data
  • Fast viewing of various 3D CAD data and 2D drawings, images and office documents
  • 180+ interactive functionalities
  • Intuitive operation
  • Almost identical functional scope for desktops and web / mobile.
  • High speed through optional caching
  • Visualize data without preparation in desktop, web and mobile versions

Advantages for decision makers

  • Extension of the 3DExperience platform with an adequate visualization for Catia and other CAD data
  • Replacement of the outdated visualization in SmarTeam
  • Work more efficiently
  • No training necessary
  • More satisfied users
  • Cost control: Concurrent licensing models available

When visualizing 3D CAD data within 3DExperience and SmarTeam, the problem is that the standard viewing solutions offered by 3DExperience and SmarTeam can hardly (or, at times - not at all) accomplish the desired tasks. There are already performance problems with normal board sizes, issues with insufficient functionality and the outdated user interface.

The solution for all users of 3DExperience and SmarTeam is the 3DViewStation:
It is very fast and can process Catia as well as other native CAD and standard formats. The 3DViewStation is integrated as the WebViewer version in 3DExperience, as desktop version in SmarTeam. This means that all users have access to the complete range of functionalities from the usual measuring, dimensioning, cutting and creating new views to advanced analysis, 3D comparison and Digital MockU (DMU).

Well-known customers from the fields of transport (e.g. trains, rail vehicles), aerospace and automotive already use Kisters 3DViewStation together with Dassault PLM solutions. Once the 3DViewStsation is in place, it is also integrated into other systems, such as parts catalogs, and can be used without integration: the desktop version by power users on notebooks, the WebViewer version by occasional users or traveling colleagues on tablets and smartphones.

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The integrations in 3DExperience and Enovia SmarTeam were developed by our partner Design Rule.