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Preview v2021: 3DViewStation remembers transformation path - an authoring function

Kisters 3DViewStation frequently is used for authoring: users can add annotations or markups, show or hide parts, change colors or transparencys, move and rotate parts. The result will be stored in views, which then show a corresponding preview image.
When moving parts there is an option to create an offset line, which indicates the translation path. The offset line itself in the past was either a direct line between original and final position - independent of the movements the users actually did. Or followed the directions of an active coodinate system or was created automatically, trying to clean up a path that might consist of many distinct steps. With the new version v2021 3DViewStation now can remember the exact path of how it has been moved, maybe in several steps. This might be useful when an author tries to document a complicated scenario and al lthe other methods would fail.

An example:

12/09/2013 | Tag : Auszugslinien offset lines associated paths tech-pub technische Doku

Offset lines

A new build of the Kisters 3DViewStation is ready for download. You can now create offset lines, when moving parts or sub-assemblies. Great for your tech-pubs.