10/16/2017 | Tag : ip protection

Preview: IP protection by distortion of BREP geometries

available soon: IP protection by distortion of BREP geometries. A first video....

08/14/2017 | Tag : Importer update

New importers

3DViewStation got new importers:

  • Catia V5_6 R2017
  • Inventor 2018
  • Parasolid v30
  • Acis 2017.1 (R27)

06/21/2017 | Tag : überblick overview

Video: functional overview 3DViewStation

find here a video giving a functional overview over our 3DViewStation

05/03/2017 | Tag : Virtual Reality visual navigation VR schnitt section

3DViewStation VR-Edition Release Video

A demo of our 3DViewStation VR-Edition release:

04/27/2017 | Tag : 2d

2D Advanced Importers available

With 3DViewStation V2017.0 Build 19479 we made the 2D Advanced Importer package available. Now 3DViewStation is also able to read 2D drawings of 

  • Catia V4
  • Catia V5
  • Catia V6
  • Creo
  • NX
  • SolidEdge
  • SolidWorks


04/26/2017 | Tag : VR

3DViewStation VR-Edition released

We released our new 3DViewStation VR-Edition. It has been made available for download.
Using our 3DViewStation VR-Edition

  • you can experience 3D models immersivly,
  • you can move yourself inside a model for inspection
  • you can "beam" youself to a new position
  • parts can be selected
  • parts can be hidden
  • parts can be moved
  • sections can be performed

04/07/2017 | Tag : Desktop

Video Preview: remove internal parts

Soon you will be able to hide or remove internal parts...

04/07/2017 | Tag : Desktop ip protection

Preview: IP protection: remove internal parts

Soon we will recognize internal parts, means parts, which will never be visible, no matter how we rotate the model. For IP (intellectual property) protection reasons you might want to hide or remove them. Please compare the images.

04/03/2017 | Tag : webviewer web visualization video user interface UI rendering Release Performance localization language 3d web viewer dynamic load / unload

Kisters 3DViewStation WebViewer 2017.0 News Video

We have done a new video showing the news of Kisters 3DViewStation WebViewer version v2017.0.  Available here as MP4 or on YouTube.

03/30/2017 | Tag : 3DViewStation webviewer web viewer visualization viewer server side rendering Performance navigation localization

3DViewStation WebViewer v2017.0 Release

We have done a new 3DViewStation WebViewer version V2017.0 with a series of enhancements, described below. The new version can be tested online.

  • File formats:
  • New: SolidEdge ST9
  • New: Solidworks 2017
  • New: NX 11
  • New: HiCAD
  • Functions:
  • New: multi-language, ribbon based, MS Office like user interface (UI)
  • New: use materials for photo realistic rendering
  • New: apply a background image
  • New: apply a Skybox to influence reflections
  • Enhanced: significantly advanced vectorization, supporting multiple views, blocks, layers and 2D output to DXF
  • Enhanced: performance & handling for ultra large assemblies:
    • multi-threaded 3DVS file format loading
    • set minimum frame rate
    • progressive load: start rendering while still loading
    • No external graphics adapter required any more to achieve fast display.