Preview: transformations simplified

We have invested some effort to simplify working with transformations and make it more inutititive. The ribbon has been restructured, the functions now have a pane for the respective options and we have found useful default settings for each function. And last but not least, the preview helps to avoid subsequent corrections.



Video: Authoring 3D CAD assembly instructions using 3DViewStation

This video shows, how you can use 3DViewStation to create and maintain assembly instructions. Starting with the assembled 3D CAD model we'll gernerate a series of views which represent all the dis-/assembing steps. We show how we can preserve our work and apply it on a modified CAD model, what will happen to removed or added parts. Finally we'll also show 3DViewStation WebViewer version, which could be used to e.g. display certain assembly steps on the on the shopfloor - ideally as part of a MES solution.

Authoring 3D CAD Assembly Instructions


3DViewStation v2023.4 Release

We released 3DViewStation version v2023.4 with the enhancements described below. The new 3DViewStation versions are available for download .

Import 3D:

  • ACIS 2023
  • Creo 10.0
  • Navisworks 2024

Import 2D:

  • NX 2212 Series (until 2212.7000)

Functions & Features:

  • New: Load NX assembly files with JT references 
  • New Selections: all geometries, all PMIs and all markups
  • New: XML-API console
  • VR-Edition: activating views now changes the position 

More at https://help-viewer.kisters.de/productfamily/en/3dvs_versioninfo_intro.php


Video: How ASML supports their MBD / PMI initiative using 3DViewStation

ASML has many suppliers. In the past technical data packages (TDP) were pure 2D, mainly PDFs. Following ASMLs MBD initiative, they were now replaced by 2D PDFs with JTs attached. These JTs contain PMIs, means, they are annotated 3D models with a series of PMI views.

The video below is a recording of ASMLs webinar, hosted for their suppliers. It shows, how Kisters 3DViewStation can be used in this new approach.



3DViewStation v2023.3 Release

We released 3DViewStation version v2023.3 with the enhancements described below. The new 3DViewStation versions are available for download .

Import 3D:

  • Catia V5_6 R2023
  • Parasolid 35.1
  • Inventor 2024

Functions & Features:

  • New DXF export option: screen-aligned markups are saved as text
  • New Node properties to adjust rotation and scale of patterned materials
  • New XML-API: FindAndReplaceString
  • New XML-API: ConvertVSXMLToNestedSTEP now supports optional export of node tree structure
  • New XML-API: Set markup anchor

More at https://help-viewer.kisters.de/productfamily/en/3dvs_versioninfo_intro.php


3DViewStation v2023.2 Release

We released 3DViewStation version v2023.2 with the enhancements described below. The new 3DViewStation versions are available for download .

Import 2D:

  • NX 2212 Series until 2212.4000
  • HEIC ("as is support")
  • Excellon ("as is support")

Functions & Features:

  • New: Exact compare now also works with tessellated geometries
  • New: Export views to PDF: new settings to define paper format and resolution (DPI)
  • New: Presets: color picker can include user-defined tooltips

More at https://help-viewer.kisters.de/productfamily/en/3dvs_versioninfo_intro.php


3DViewStation v2023.1 Release

We released 3DViewStation version v2023.1 with the enhancements described below. The new 3DViewStation versions are available for download .

Import 3D:

  • Navisworks 2023
  • NX 2212
  • Parasolid 35.0
  • Solid Edge 2023
  • SolidWorks 2023

Functions & Features:

  • New: SolidEdge import: support of coordinate systems
  • New: JT export: support of coordinate systems
  • New: Cut of multiple nodes and paste on one of them: creates a new node
  • Enhanced: Faster vector export (DXF, SVG)
  • Enhanced: Alignment functions part 1: Render preview
  • Enhanced: Attribute import via CSV file

More at https://help-viewer.kisters.de/productfamily/en/3dvs_versioninfo_intro.php


3DViewStation v2023.0 Release

We released 3DViewStation version v2023.0 with the enhancements described below. The new 3DViewStation versions are available for download .

Import 3D:

  • Revit 2023

Import 2D:

  • CATIA V6 R2023x
  • Solid Edge 2023
  • Solidworks 2023

Functions & Features:

  • 2D DWG/DXF: Font substitution available on import
  • Edge length of construction planes can now be defined on import
  • Structure tree: edit node names per click
  • Structure tree: new functions to cut, copy and paste
  • KAS: The log file now contains all the information used during the conversion
  • VisShare: licensing update
  • VR: new setting to define color and transparency of the floor

More at https://help-viewer.kisters.de/productfamily/en/3dvs_versioninfo_intro.php


New: rule engine for enhanced searches

3DViewStation since long offers search & filter capabilities. E.g. search by node name, by PMI, by Markup, by text, by attibute ( name and/or value), by object type, by color... Once a search has been executed, 3DViewStation selects all matching objects and the user might isolate them for further processing.

What new is, that we added a rule engine, which allow to execute way more complex searches, supporting boolean operations. Here a few examples for the CAD model shown below:

  • node.color=#008000 or node.transparency>0
  • node.vertexcolor=#005F0000
  • node.attribute("*maß")="*Ø*" and node.attribute("strukturcode")<=11
  • node.attribute("Revision") and not node.name="System2*"
  • node.hasgeometry and node.surface > 8000000 and node.volume < 300000000

So far the user interface in 3DViewStation is just a line, still it will be extended for easier use in the future. Also, the new rule engine can be leveraged via API today already.
The complete list of supported commands will become part of the documentation in our helpcenter, still for now it can be obtained from our support team on request.


Video: News of 3DViewStation V2022.7 and V2022.8

a quick video showing news of 3DViewStation V2022.7 and V2022.8.

3DViewStation v2022.7-8 News